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Model name Nexus "Olymp"
Scale Olympicana B
Notes B D E F# G# A B D
Overtone interactions 2 frequencies
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Model name Nexus "Samhain"
Scale Avalon in C
Notes C Eb F G Ab Bb C Eb
Overtone interactions 2 frequencies
Special surface polished surface
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Model name Nexus "Sylva"
Scale Equinox in A
Notes A C E F G A B C
Overtone interactions 2 frequencies

Overtone Steel Tongue Drum

Nexus combines clear and beautiful sound with outstanding laser design.
Each tongue emits a base tone and its octave.
Long-lasting tones and slight frequency-interaction give a transparently waving appearance.

Nexus features

8 notes
unique hexagonal tongue design
harmonic overtone on each note (octave)
welded resonance body of stainless steel


diameter: 35cm / 14"
height: 16cm / 6.5"
weight: 5kg / 10lbs

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2 mallets
free shipping within Germany

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