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Since 2023 availability of instruments is strongly reduced.
Please consider 10-25 weeks to receive your instrument.
Some single and unique pieces may be available earlier from backstock.

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Digital Sampling library for Kontakt Player 6.7 (VST instrument)
A free simple sample library of Perseus "Asgard" is now available for Kontakt 6.7 (by NI).
2 microphone positions, 2 hit methods, 3 velocity intensities
Control the main parameters on a nice graphical interface.

Go to NI Kontakt library

WORKSHOP: JUNE 29-30 / 2024 with Marco Trochelmann
3rd workshop on Perseus "Aeterna" is going to start in 2024 @ Waffensen in northern Germany
Feel free to participate to learn new skills in playing, finding melodies and rhythm patterns.
All playing levels are welcome.

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Benefits of your Perseus instrument:

Harmonic Overtones

Harmony: the beautiful simplicity of frequency ratios.
Long sustain and reduced metallic sound.


1000+ instruments since 2014. Handcrafted.
Approved technology, scales and sound system.

Long Life Stainless Steel

Maximum physical strength. Extreme corrosion protection.
Unseen stability in tuning. Joy for lifetime


Open and unbiased guidance to your instrument.
Fast help for accessories and complementary products.

3D Model of PERSEUS

Perseus 3D preview

(should work with Firefox and Chrome browsers)
A 3-dimensional digital creation of PERSEUS sound instrument,
use this button to view; note that surface impression and tongue-size may differ in reality;
Attention: 17 MB download plus high processor capture


Main Scales

The established Perseus tone sequences



Celtic Minor in B

B / F# A B C# D E F# A B C#
grounded and friendly



Ursa Minor in C

C / G Ab C D Eb F G Ab C D
deep and mystical



Integral in D

D / A Bb C D E F A Bb C D
light and shadow



Dorian in D

D / A C D E F G A B C D
root notes for compatibility

A caleidoscope of scale possibilities

Moods: Major / Minor / Regional
Tuning: 440 or 432 Hz
Center tones: B2 - F3 (HY-NOX) / F#3 - B3 (Gravitalis)

Just request for your ideas

Perseus scales
Steel-Tongues · Liquid LightAcoustics - Perseus "Aeterna"

Legacy model: Perseus "Aeterna"
Steel-Tongues · Liquid Light Acoustics - Perseus "Nebula" - B Minor

Legacy model: Perseus "Nebula"
Steel-Tongues · Liquid Light Acoustics – Perseus "Asgard" (scale: Valhalla)

Legacy model: Perseus "Asgard"
Steel-Tongues · Liquid Light Acoustics - Perseus "Beltane"

Legacy model: Perseus "Beltane"

(legacy audio records played by hands + mallets – simple mono channel recording)

Sound Model diversity

Perseus "Polaris" was the most delivered sound model between 2014 and 2021 – about 400 pieces.
The Ursa Minor scale in C features a deeply personal and mystically questioning tone sequence.

Other widespread sound models are "Isca", Symmetria", "Doria"
or has been "Aeterna", "Nebula", "Tropical", "Tenjo", "Asgard", "Pegasus", "Beltane".

Perseus Gravitalis is a new heavy-weight variant: high notes on large tongues sizes:

Perseus "Polaris"


Perseus "Isca"


Perseus "Symmmetria"


Perseus "Nebula"


Perseus "Aeterna"

40cm (16") * 18 cm
wide & high
6kg: HY-NOX material
9kg: Gravitalis model
HY-NOX: extremely robust and strong
Gravitalis: extra thick material and stable
pure metal surface
for clear overtone sound in motion
895 €

incl. 19% VAT

870 US$

excl. VAT

Workshop 2024

June 29-30 @ Waffensen, Northern Germany
max .10 participants

workshop language: German

for registration please visit: tonfinder.de/PERSEUS/PERSEUSlernen/


or request your participation for 2024 workshop here

Perseus "Aeterna"

Provided workshop instruments
for harmonic sound instrument interaction

2022+2023: Cozy workshop place

well defined lessions on 2 days
several rooms and silent surrounding

Approaches and techniques

Learning new methods and creating ideas
for beginners and advanced players

Experienced teacher

Marco Trochelmann navigates through the lessons
with his unique way of generating progress

2022+2023: Historic ambience

A beautiful building from the 16th century
for grounded atmosphere and well-being

2022+2023: Charming historic city

Hann. Münden in the heart of Germany
where the rivers Fulda and Werra unite

Perseus Web Player

Perseus "Asgard" + "Polaris"

Click on the tip of each tongue to play the corresponding sound.

"Asgard" mallet samples: taken from "Asgard" Kontakt Library
"Polaris" mallet samples: provided by Jonathan Neumann

download Perseus "Polaris" samples in .wav quality:

ZIP file image

20 MB zip file

Perseus "Asgard"

Digital Studio Sample-Library for Kontakt VST

kontakt Perseus GUI

Valhalla D (Celtic Minor type)
D / F A C D E F G A C D
32bit/96kHz wav // 2 stereo positions
3 velocity intensities // 2 hit methods
Parameter Control
Graphical User Interface
Volume + Pan + ADSR + Unison FX
Kontakt VST
made with Kontakt 6.7
free Kontakt Player by Native Instruments
free download

ZIP file image

1.2 GB zip file with Native Instruments Kontakt nki-file

Perseus Asgard Virtual Library


Steady improvement and development

Material: Cr-Ni-(stainless) Steel

2014 Material: Cr-Ni stainless steel
One of the first stainless Steel Tongue Drums.

Material: Titanium

2017 Material: Titanium
Probably world's first Titanium Tongue Drum.

Material: HY-NOX

2020 Material: HY-NOX
Extreme solidity, highly resistant against corrosion

Material: Gravitalis

2021 Material: Gravitalis
Heavy-weight material for high notes on large tongues

Lacquered surface

2014 Surface: Lacquered
Unique airbrush appearance - Xenium, Nexus, Perseus

Spiral pattern on surfae

2014 Surface: Spiral cut
Spiral on steel surface. Silky matt on HY-NOX since 2020

Electrical polsihing

2017 Surface: Electrical polishing
Nearly mirroring with strong light reflection

Ceramic coating

2022 Surface: Ceramic coating
Thin layer of colorful durable vapor deposition

Sampled Perseus Asgard

2017 Digital: Sampling Project
Studio-recorded samples of Perseus "Asgard"

Overview about popular scales based on modes

2019 Overview: Scales and modes
Overview on Handpan- and Steel Tongue Drum scales

Textile Distortion Layer

2020 Accessory: Perseus Distortion Layer
Textile distortion sound membrane for Perseus

3D Laser Technology

2022 Technology: 3D Laser
Industry partner sets up precise 3D-laser-technology

Dampening metallic chaotic sound

2014 Tone exploration: Dampening
Simple but efficient dampening foil for steel bodies

Overtone tongue research

2014 Tone exploration: Overtone tongue research
More than 15 tested tongue design concepts

Klanggeist Tongue Pans

2016 Tone exploration: Klanggeist
Tongue Pan division - full and direct sound

Wolkenspiel Steel Tongue Discs

2021 Tone exploration: Wolkenspiel
Steel Tongue Disc division - compact sound bodies



Simple Legacy Steel Tongue Drums
Overtone Legacy Steel Tongue Drums

Xenium PDF

2014: colorfully airbrushed and coated
20 colored pieces in various scales

Solaris PDF

2015: frequencies tuned to planetary circulation
10 pieces

Pentasonic PDF

2015-2019: simple clarity
~ 200 pieces mostly as Pentasonic "Chandra"

Nexus PDF

2014-2018: hexagonic and hexatonic (8 tongues)
~ 60 pieces as Nexus "Olymp" / "Sylva"

Andromeda PDF

2015: Overtone Disc Tongue Drum (10 tongues)
10 pieces

Pentasonic+ PDF

2018: Extended and improved Pentasonic (8 tongues)
15 pieces as Pentasonic "Prayana"

Perseus Progressors

Enthusiasts and intensifiers

Marco Trochelmann

Deepdive: teaching + exploring

Jonathan Neumann

Deepdive: performing + illuminating

Ann Martin

Deepdive: combined meditation sound


webshop ways to receive your stainless Steel Tongue Drum.
Or just use the submission form below.

  • steel-tongues.com
  • free shipping within Germany
  • Perseus main and additional models
  • Perseus backstock + prototypes + other legacy instrument models
  • based in

  • thomannmusic.com
  • free shipping within Germany
  • Perseus "Polaris"
  • Detailed rating system by customers
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  • neuewege.at
  • shipping on request
  • Perseus "Isca"
  • Personal dialogues
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available sound instruments in stock
ready to ship

  • Polaris
  • model
    PERSEUS "Polaris"
  • scale
    Ursa Minor in C
  • notes
    C / G Ab C D Eb F G Ab C D
  • material
    Chrome-Nickel-stainless steel
  • A4
    440 Hz
  • special character
    singular piece from Jonathan Neumann's videos
  • Polaris
  • model
    PERSEUS "Polaris"
  • scale
    Ursa Minor in C
  • notes
    C / G Ab C D Eb F G Ab C D
  • material
  • A4
    440 Hz
  • special character
    violet ceramic coating
  • Aeterna
  • model
    PERSEUS "Aeterna"
  • scale
    Mixolydian in C
  • notes
    C / G C D E F G A Bb C D
  • material
  • A4
    440 Hz
  • special character
    our choice for workshop purpose
  • Ianua
  • model
    PERSEUS "Ianua"
  • scale
    Golden Gate C (Variation)
  • notes
    C / F# G B C D E F# G B D
  • material
    Chrome-Nickel-stainless steel
  • A4
    440 Hz
  • special character
    1 of 5 examples


Feedback, interest, requests, orders: feel welcome to drop a message:

Potsdam, Germany

Email: request@liquid-light-acoustics.net