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Steel Tongue Drum

Pentasonic Sound Models:

Model name Scale Notes Where to buy?
"Ātman" Cloud Voyage A# A# C Db F G# A# C Db
"Chandra" Hira-Joshi A / Ake Bono E A B C E F A B C
"Surya" Melog Selisir A A C# D E G# A C# D

Pentasonic features

8 tongues
pentatonic scales
beautiful laser design
fine-balanced dampening
welded resonance body of stainless steel


diameter: 30cm / 12"
height: 15cm / 6"
weight: 3,5kg / 7lbs

Price (incl. VAT):

449€ (blank stainless steel)
499€ (polished surface like "Surya"-model)

2 mallets
free shipping within Germany

questions to scales and instruments are welcome:
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