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About Steel Tongue Drums

This relatively young class of musical instruments holds various names:
Steel Tongue Drum, Tank Drum, Hank Drum, Steel Slit Drum.

Sound is generated by hitting a tongue and its vibration is instantaniously amplified by resonance inside the hollow tank body.

Inspired by PANArt's "Hang" and by Felle Vega's "Tambiro", Dennis Havlena created the first Steel Tongue Drum in 2007. He shared his knowledge of how to create such an instrument from an usual propane gas tank.

Since then, numerous people worlwide constructed self-made Steel Tongue Drums. Apart from the charm of old, rusty, solid propane tanks, some people began to create such instruments from fresh components.

Liquid Light Acoustics complements the worldwide range with unique designed concepts, a wide range of scales and steady innovative improvements.

About Handpans

Do you remember the first time you recognized a Handpan? Most people do not forget this moment, this magical fascination of an unknown beautiful instrument spreading its airy harmonic waves.

This instrument class was first developed by PANArt in Switzerland in 2000. They had experience in building Steelpans until a musician asked them to think about a Steelpan that can be played by hand. PANArt followed this intention, they called their instrument "Hang".

The demand on Hanghang rised soon while sound and material was improved with every generation of the Hang. After PANArts patent ended, more Steelpan manufacturers created Handpans.

One could consider Handpans as one of the most wanted instrument class in the world, since even mid quality units entered the market successfully.

The tuners behind PANArt used to have their own philosophy of this instrument during all these years of glorification. It was only consequent to stop their successful Hang manufacturing in late 2013 and to rise an acoustically similar instrument they called "Gubal".

About Liquid Light Acoustics

Liquid Light Acoustics was initiated to share the fascination of modern steel sound bodies, and to tribute its evolution in time.

Instruments are patiently shaped with love to detail and optimum sound.

Visual, acoustical and mechanical features are steadily improved for a wide range of playing techniques and possible morphing sound sculptures.

Liquid Light Acoustics is based in Potsdam / Germany. If you ever visit Berlin, do not hesitate to request a meeting.

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